“Women in Germany: Good girls go to heaven, Bad girls go everywhere”

Do you really knFlyer2ow what women in Germany think and feel about their condition in this country? Is it true that they already have the same right as man and 100% emancipated? If those are true, why Germany is Europe’s champion in women discrimination (OECD Study, 2012)? Our perception and knowledge about women in Germany might be change after we attend this discussion.

As part of StuRa at TU Ilmenau, BunterKaffee (AG Diversity) would like to bring the opportunity to meet and discuss with women from all over the world and share first-hand information about how they feel, think and hope. This initiative aims to enhance our knowledge on women issues in different social, cultural and political conditions. Furthermore, we also hope to tap consciousness in supporting a better living condition for women all over the world.

Our guest this month is Julia Breschke from Germany. After having a great discussion from countries like Indonesia, Taiwan and Cameroon, Julia Breschke will share with us what it like is to be a women in a country that leads by the most influence women in the world.

The presentation and discussion will be held in English. We’re looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday, 18th  June 2013, starting at 18.00 – 19.45 at bc-Café. Everyone is welcome!! Let’s discuss and have a relaxing afternoon with a cup of coffee and Kuchen for free!!!


Stay colourful!

Your BunterKaffee team


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