Taiwan is an interesting country which shares partially Chinese culture and the language with China but is an independent, sovereign state. It’s a democratic country which region is bit bigger than Baden Wüttemberg that acknowledge as having the freest media in the Asia Pacific Yi Chiangregion after Japan. Those facts about Taiwan opened Yi Chiang’s presentation about Women in Taiwan on November 2012. Yi Chiang was born and educated in Taiwan, after finishing the study in Journalism, she worked as a broadcaster there. Now she is a Master student at TU-Ilmenau and also a full time mother of two boys.

Chiang continued her presentation with the development of women movement in Taiwan and how stereotypes differentiate women and men roles and positions in the society. In Taiwan, males are still seen as having more value than women. The society expects both men and women get married and then have children, however, the women at the same time lose the individual identity and belong to the husband and his family. Meanwhile, taking care of children and family is the duty of the wife. This condition bring us to Taiwanese saying that “Girls are like rapeseeds that takes root wherever the wind blows them- their fate is not changeable.

Despite that condition above, overall women circumstance in Taiwan can’t be depicted as grim. Education level of young Taiwanese female between 25-29 years old is even higher than male in the same age. However, problems appear as they get marriage and have children. Almost one third women in Taiwan leave their job after they got marriage and more than 22% leave their career after giving birth to the first child. Those conditions lead to fewer women that could reach higher career and at the end, women who would like to pursue higher career have to choose not to get marriage or not having children.

At the end of an interesting presentation, Chiang proposed again a question if women are rapeseed? A beautiful yellow flower in summer that has to surrender to its destiny.


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