“Women in Cameroon: Hard from Hair to Heart”

Do you really know what happens to women outside your country? What are their basic daily problems? How do they cope with those problems? Is it true that European women have different problems than Asian or African women? Sometimes people have their subjective perception towards those issues and make conclusions without knowing what actually the reality is.

As part of StuRa at TU Ilmenau, BunterKaffee (AG Diversity) would like to bring the opportunity to meet and discuss with women from all over the world and share first-hand information about how they feel, think and hope. This initiative aims to enhance our knowledge on women issues in different social, cultural and political conditions. Furthermore, we also hope to tap consciousness in supporting a better living condition for women all over the world.Darlene

Our guest this month is Musoro Darlene Nalih from Cameroon, a country in Africa that once was German colony. Even though more than 50% inhabitants in Cameroon are women, up until now they only occupy 15% of political and decision making system in the country. More about how women in Cameroon could coup with the condition and stand up for their right will be presented by Darlene, former journalist who right now pursues her Master degree in TU Ilmenau. 

The presentation and discussion will be held in English. We’re looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday, 21th  May 2013, starting at 18.00 – 19.45 at bc-Café. Everyone is welcome!! Let’s discuss and have a relaxing afternoon with a cup of coffee and cookies for free!!! J


Stay colourful!

Your BunterKaffee team


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